Pigment Theatre Company at theflairshare


Here's some of the feedback from Pigment Theatre's performance on 7th April 2018 

"Theflairshare is an extremely unique and varied experience. I met lots of deeply interesting people, the hosts are lovely and the food is yum! It’s also great in a city like London to come together and meet fascinating new people in an intimate environment. Thank you!"


"Unusual experience in an intimate venue. Good opportunity to meet interesting people. Delicious home cooked food!"


"Very innovative, entertaining and new experience. Great food, great entertainment, great night!"


About Pigment Theatre Company

Pigment Theatre is a collaboration between Juliana Guger, Gwendoline Grynfeld and Cherie Ward.

We are an all-female visual arts and puppetry company from Canterbury, with the aim to create beautiful and accessible theatre for all ages. Our current show is "Gerald Huber & His Office"- a touching, funny and delicate show for the whole family.

At  theflairshare you will also get the chance to have a job interview with the distinguished Mr Huber!                                         

HOSTS: Sabrina and Paul, London NW6