Niraali at theflairshare


Arias from classical opera and songs from Broadway musicals

Here's some of the feedback from Niraali's performance on 11th January 2018

"The group were so welcoming - as soon as we walked in it felt like old friends and a safe environment to perform". 

"Lovely atmosphere. The musical performance was great and the food was excellent. loved the hosts". 

"I enjoyed the performance very much and the food!! The lasagne is phenomenal!!" 

"The food was absolutely delicious, the music was breathtaking, and the company was so welcoming, A wonderful evening all round"


"Wonderful food and singing" 


About Niraali

Niraali is a musical  phenomenon.

She first began singing at the age of 5. After that she went through 8 years of accreditation by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, attending Junior Trinity College of Music for a few years.

Then she then went on to the Singing School for Solo Singers in Abingdon working with acclaimed singers such as Susan McChulloch, Margaret Humphrey Clark, Yvonne Howard, Henry Herford and Mary King.  

Now she’s at the University of Nottingham having won a choral scholarship with St Mary's Choir and is studying maths

Hosts: Sabrina and Paul, London NW6