Nick Tann

About Nick

I like to describe myself as a songwriter and performer, I don't write to a particular genre therefore when I perform I simply choose the kind of songs that I think will fit the audience I am performing for. Could be Jazz, blues, soul or ballads.

Nick's performance

I love to engage with the audience whatever the size and take them on my music journey without being too "earnest". Authentic is my calling card and whether performing solo or with my trio, I am with the audience. My songs are often part of the story of my life so there are highs as well as lows and tunes that the audience will personally relate to. 

Nick's most noteworthy performance achievements

Our performance at Wickham festival on 2017 was a great opportunity for us to play to a large audience and we revelled in it. In contrast, the intimate show in a coffee shop in Nottingham for Sofar Sounds was an absolute treasure of a gig, you could hear a pin drop in the silences. 

Saturday 30th June 2018                                             

19.30 Welcome drink and dinner                                                     

20.00 Performance                                                                                 

20.45 Break for sweets and refreshments                                                               

21.15 Performance and Q&A                                             

HOSTS: Sabrina and Paul, London NW6                       

GET THERE : TUBE: Kilburn Park (Bakerloo)  BUS: 31, 328, 32