Jeremy at theflairshare


Here's some of the feedback from Jeremy's performance on 15th February 2018 

"Exciting concept!

I liked finding out about new music, the setting in a very beautiful house, warm and friendly hosts, getting to meet new people, the Q & A session and I really enjoyed to find out the inspiration behind the music"


"Everything was perfect: hosts, food, music! Moreover it was a different and special experience in a lovely and warm atmosphere. A very intimate social event"


"Intimate setting, food, Q & A, excellent music and hospitality!"


"I loved all of it: excellent food, hosts and music"


About Jeremy

Jeremy Tuplin is a singer-songwriter from Somerset, now living in London. He has released two EPs and his debut album, ‘I Dreamt I Was Astronaut’ came out on Folkwit Records in September this year. He stands out among the crowded singer/songwriter market with his intricate lyricism, perceptive observations, sly humour and highly refined, gentlemanly delivery. He has drawn many comparisons, from Leonard Cohen to Bill Callahan or Jake Thackray, to being described by one reviewer (Folk Radio UK) as being ‘the missing link between Nick Drake and ‘Space-Oddity’-era Bowie’.

“Musically, it was hugely impressive, yet what truly struck us throughout was the sheer quality of the lyricism. Like many of our favourite songwriters, Jeremy manages to take grand ideas and difficult themes, yet within them find both wit and common emotional ground.” – For The Rabbits (live review) With the lyrica and story-telling nature of Jeremy’s songs, in intimate settings you can expect to hear a pin drop and find audiences hooked on every word.

Completed a short tour of Spain and the UK in November 2017 promoting his debut album ‘I Dreamt I Was An Astronaut’. Has performed at various festivals such as Boomtown, How The Light Gets In, and Beat-Herder Festival.

HOSTS: Sabrina and Paul, London NW6