Gabriel Moreno

Charity evening in aid of The Brun Bear Foundation



Gabriel Moreno is a passionate singer songwriter and vibrant poet.

The connection with an intimate audience is his speciality. He sings songs based on poems which investigate urban existence, including romance, intoxication, money issues, friendship and politics, amongst other issues.

Gabriel's performance

The style is very passionate and latin based on a Spanish guitar and violin accompaniment. No one is left untouched.

Gabriel's most noteworthy performance achievements

He is considered an heir of the western troubadour tradition under the influence of songwriter greats such as Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and Bill Callahan. He is also artistic curator of The Lantern Society, London and The Poetry Brothel London. He has played in the most important venues in London for the Alternative Folk scene including The Green Note, Hoxton Hall and Jazz Servant Quarters amongst others, also chosen to play in numerous summer festivals including The Blue Lagoon Festival, Smugglers Festival, amongst others. He has also released two records with Amber Records, 2015 and 2017 with numerous reviews and good acclaim.

Come and support The Brun Bear Foundation 

The Brun Bear Foundation was established in 2015 by Edwin Lampert in memory of his father.

Sadly, Edwin's Dad had Brain Cancer. The radiotherapy his father went through resulted in his father believing that the family lived with two kindly bears called Brunhilfer and Brunfin. 

Edwin's Dad - who has good insight into his condition - asked his son to look after his bears for him "when the time came."

When his Dad died in 2014 Edwin set about creating a charitable foundation as way of honouring his father's memory and values as well as supporting causes he had held dear: medical research, community projects in the London Boroughs of Bromley and Lewisham, and animal welfare - with special emphasis on bears. 

And so The Brun Bear Foundation was born. It's name deriving from the name of his father 's two bears: Brunhilfer and Brunfin. 

Edwin's first act was to write a children's book about two kindly bears who lived with a kindly man and his wife. All proceeds from book sales go to The Foundation. A second book is under way and a Russian-language version of the first book is now complete. 

Edwin subsequently added community events, supper clubs and an annual epic charity challenge to The Brun Bear Foundation's activities. 

The Brun Bear Foundation is staffed entirely by volunteers who work hard to support the charity's chosen causes, uphold its inclusive ethos and maybe, in some small way, help Edwin look after his father's bears too. 


Event details

Saturday 6th October 2018                                             

19.30 Aperitivo and canapes                                             

20.15 Performance                                                                                 

20.45 Break for sweets and refreshments                                                 

21.15 Performance and Q&A

22.30 Evening ends               

HOSTS: Sabrina and Paul, London NW6                       

GET THERE : TUBE: Kilburn Park (Bakerloo)  BUS: 31, 328, 32