BeatFox at theflairshare


Here's some of the feedback from BeatFox performance on 26th July 2018 

“Astonishingly talented and approachable performer, great conversation, wonderful food.

It was truly a pleasure to be part of this fantastic event.

BeatFox thoughtfully explained beatboxing to newbies, super impressive yet unassuming guy. I was grinning with joy throughout the show.

Hosts were warm, lovely, and carefully attuned to detail, ensuring we had an amazing time.

Thanks for such a brilliant idea to bring people together in an intimate, exciting setting!”


“BeatFox is a very talented and passionate performer and he was amazingly generous with info and knowledge.

It was an excellent all round experience, close and personal.

Hosts were very hospitable and the food was delicious”


"Welcoming hosts, delicious canapes, friendly people, talented performer.

BeatFox was warm and inclusive as well as very talented.

Hosts were warm, generous and genuinely welcoming"


"Fantastic talent, unusual yet unique.

The act was really cool, everyone enjoyed it.

I think it's such a great idea. It's something to get people involved and open to experiencing new things, things that you might not see everyday. It's also a nice way to let loose and de-stress. The company and hosts make it all the more worth while. It's a great platform for idea sharing and discovery.

The food is brilliant and it definitely creates ways for people to start talking to each other, whether with the crowd or the acts themselves"


"A relaxing yet entertaining way to spend an evening in lovely surroundings.

Everyone was welcoming and it was just a nice get together.

Beatfox was very talented and knowledgeable about his art. The skill he displayed in mimicking different animals, his ability to beatbox even without a backing track was fantastic.

Sabrina and Paul were great hosts: charming, welcoming and they provided a delicious selection of food"


"Great fun and nice people!"


"Very nice evening with good food, amazing wines and stunning live performance"


“Amazing experience”


“Enjoyable, extraordinary, relaxing experience.

BeatFox was an incredible and mesmerising performer.

Hosts were very warm and welcoming and the whole evening was very well organised and there was plenty of delicious homemade Italian food”



About BeatFox

More Bass Than Brains, More Beats Than A Boxer. BeatFox is a young Londoner who dedicates his life to spreading his vicious spits and sharp sounds globally. His stellar beatboxing has attracted fans from all over the world as they zone in on yet another pulsating underground phenomenon gathering speed from the UK. Known for his sub low bass tones and robotic whistles he will leave any audience astounded!

BeatFox's most noteworthy performance achievements

Performing at the British House in Rio during the Olympics representing UK Music warming up for Chase and Status is definitely up there. Touring with Jessie J and Leah Mcfall, it was amazing being around such talented vocalists and nice genuine people.

Opening an Adidas Party in Hong Kong for a new product. This was a really proud moment because i never thought i would go to China, never mind performing there!                                       

HOSTS: Sabrina and Paul, London NW6