Arthur & Rob at theflairshare

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Here's some of the feedback from Arthur & Rob performance on 11th May 2018 

"Wonderful evening in an intimate and friendly atmosphere, with good food, subtle wit and a lot of fun. The performers lived up to the promise - they were funny, subtle and personable and the lively interaction between them and the audience was an added bonus.
Hosts Sabrina and Paul are friendly and hospitable, with real commitment to their  activity. They made everyone feel welcome and well looked after.

Real quality!" 


"An evening of great food and humour!

The performers were very engaging and the evening flew by.

Hosts Sabrina and Paul are very friendly, including Lucky!

Really well organised"


"The event was a treat from start to finish. In addition to being very welcoming, every aspect was laid out in precise detail. I am thinking particularly of the catering and excellent setting"


"It was a fantastic evening and a good opportunity to see great talent in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Wonderful food, company and lots of laughter! Sabrina and Paul were so welcoming and overall the perfect hosts"


About Arthur & Rob

Rob Thomas is a smart storytelling comedian with a razor-sharp wit and quirky physicality. The Guardian’s Bruce Dessau called him “strongest performer of the night” with a “superior physical presence” and The Yorkshire Times deemed him “a triumph!” with “tremendous physicality”. He has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and is as comfortable in a packed theatre as he is in someone’s front room!

Rob won the UK Pun Championship in front of 1200 people in 2018 and was the London Evening Standard's Critic's Choice for his 2017 solo show “Callback”.

Two South London comedians perform together at theflairshare for an evening of stand-up comedy, mouth watering Italian canapes in a cosy living room . Rubber - faced Rob Thomas, the Evening Standard Critic's Choice  "The sharpest, smartest, self-contained routine of the night" and rug-pulling gag-merchant Arthur Mitchell "Inventive, playful, and very funny. Great jokes and a delightful delivery."- Luke Toulson. They are as happy bringing laughs to a home setting as they are to a local pub."                                                                        

HOSTS: Sabrina and Paul, London NW6