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This is a lovely new concept that opens people up to new styles of performances, new people, food, is terrific.



Musicians, actors, dancers, poets, comedians, film-makers, photographers, visual artists and more!

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What are we looking for?

We are looking for talented performers from all areas of the arts – musicians, actors, dancers, comedians, film-makers, poets, visual artists, photographers, magicians and others. we will carefully select those who are passionate about performing in intimate environments and sharing their creative knowledge.

What's on offer

We can offer you a unique opportunity not only to perform in the intimacy of our hosts’ private homes, but also to make a bit of money and use our online and social media services to set up and publicise your events.

You will have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience who really want to experience your performance and get to know you. You’ll get to meet some rather special people, eat some exquisite freshly made Italian canapès and generally have fun. And you’ll have the chance to get your name out there and make some money.

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What our performers say about their flairshare experience

Gabriel Moreno and Maya




Nick Tann


Arthur Mitchell

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"It was a great night for me, a treat from start to finish. Everything was so well organised including a great welcome and a place to 'chill' before the performance. Every aspect of the evening was laid out in precise detail. I am thinking particularly of the catering and excellent setting.

It was also good that the audience were put in a good mood through the welcome, refreshments and comfortable surroundings".

Pigment Theatre Company


"We felt completely welcome from the moment we arrived; being offered food and drink, whilst also being given space to set up for the show and arrange the room how we wanted. We immediately felt at ease, important and special as individual artists as well as a company.
The food and drink was delicious and the chance to talk at length about the show was lovely. Everyone asked lots of really interesting questions and by the end of the evening we felt really close to everyone in the room. It was wonderful to have so many people genuinely interested in the show and the journey that Pigment had been on to get to where it is now. It was nice to see that there was such a range of different ages in the room, and all of the guests were polite, enthusiastic and welcoming.
It was the kind of intimate setting our show works really well in, so if you have a small-scale show as well, I would highly recommend theflairshare as a venue.
Paul and Sabrina were great hosts who could not be faulted at all and the entire evening was absolutely amazing".

Helen Goldwyn

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"I wanted to get involved with theflairshare as it seemed like a really unusual opportunity to sing with such intimacy, and also a great way to share more of the story of how I came to write my songs.  The performance actually exceeded my expectations!  At larger venues I have a 'stage persona',  but in this setting there is no room for facades;  It has to be an authentic and vulnerable connection with the audience (who need to play their part as active listeners too, as you can SEE them so clearly)! It was a truly memorable evening of huge fun and warmth and, of course....great food! Huge thanks to Paul and Sabrina for their enthusiasm and wonderful hospitality. I'm looking forward to coming back!"

Jeremy Tuplin


"I really enjoyed my experience performing at theflairshare. The attentiveness of the intimate audience combined with the conversational approach made for a special atmosphere in which to perform. Sabrina and Paul were wonderful hosts - kind and welcoming - and the food was superb."



"It was a privilege to play in Paul and Sabrina's beautiful home. I thoroughly enjoyed performing here and would recommend it to any singer-songwriters or performers out there." 

Elliot Porter

Performer Elliot Porter 23JAN18.jpg


"Theflairshare was a brilliant experience for me. As a solo artist, it can often be difficult to obtain the right kind of gigs with an audience who are attentive and give the music the time and space it requires, and theflairshare provides this. I love playing in intimate spaces and it was great to be able to chat to the audience before, during and after the performance. The Q&A session is a real feature and the crowd were very receptive to my music. The food from Sabrina was also amazing and the whole experience was hugely enjoyable. I look forward to playing many more!"