how it all works


Our mission

We are committed to bringing the very best of independent talent to a living room near you

Our events

Imagine Airbnb with performance and food all rolled into one - that's theflairshare!

We carefully curate unique performances where you can interact with talented artists in the intimacy of our hosts' beautiful homes. We go the extra mile to make your evening unforgettable, offering you a truly singular opportunity to experience each performance at close quarters and really get to know the artist. From the welcome drink and exquisite Italian canapès when you arrive at the venue to the relaxed atmosphere and ease of interacting with with our performers – everything is designed to encourage you, the artist and your fellow lovers of the arts to get to know each other. And of course, the main aim of it all is to ensure that you have a great time!


How it's all coming together


Naturally, at theflairshare we have started small, but we have great ambitions to grow. 

Our artists:

We are growing a pool of gifted performers, all of them carefully selected by our team of talent scouts. They come from all areas of the arts – musicians, actors, dancers, comedians, film-makers, poets, visual artists, photographers, magicians and others. They are all passionate about performing and sharing their creative knowledge. We offer them a unique opportunity not only to perform in the intimacy of our hosts’ private homes, but also to make a bit of money and use our online and social media services to set up and publicise their events.

Our hosts:

We are working with a team of lovers of the arts who are passionate about hosting home performances in the comfort and privacy of their beautiful home. We offer them advice and support in setting up the hosting arrangements for each event and make sure that one of our special advisors is always on hand. Our flairshare hosts get a share of the take on the night, a bonus payment for each new host they introduce, and privileged access and discounts to all our events.

Our services:

Our online and social media services are designed to give the greatest possible visibility to our performers. And they offer our customers a growing range of events that are all bookable online. Theflairshare is all about people, so we take your feedback very seriously - we use it to continuously improve our functionality and to extend our reach.

About us

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Co-founders Sabrina and Paul

Here's our story



We met in Umbria Italy in 2012, and started working on theflairshare in 2016

However the foundations were laid many years before that.


Sabrina Caporali: CEO and founder

Sabrina Caporali: CEO and founder

Hi - I'm Sabrina. I grew up in Umbertide, a little place nestled in the green hills of Umbria, Italy.

I was a keen fan of the American TV series Fame. I was fascinated by the brilliant young performers I saw, and dreamed one day of being able to discover and promote talent like that for myself. And I also dreamed of living my life in a bustling international city like New York or London, with so many opportunities for meeting people from all walks of life.

I realised that in cities like these, I would find lots of “under the radar” performers with great talent who hadn’t yet had a real chance to get known. And I really wanted to give them the opportunity to get out there. And that’s how the dream of theflairshare started.

My other passion is food.

I have absorbed the cuisines, scents and flavours of the many places I have visited, creating in me a profound passion for good food, and recently this has led me to transfer my base to London.

My cuisine is versatile, creative and tasty, as well as tied to tradition and to my roots. I am always looking for new and exciting challenges to prove myself and to grow both in my personal life and in my work. The path that I have decided to follow is a fusion of my passions and I want to pursue it in the best possible way.



Paul Wallace: co-founder

Paul Wallace: co-founder

Hi - I'm Paul. My love of performance started when I was a kid growing up in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

My parents ran a small music society. They offered the visiting musicians hospitality, and in return our guests would often treat the family to a home performance before going out to play their concert. I loved meeting them in the intimacy of our home and finding out about who they were, hearing their stories and getting to know what their performances meant to them.

So all those years later when Sabrina told me about her ideas for theflairshare, I just couldn’t wait to help her make her dream come true.

I am passionate about performance and the arts.

Born in Birmingham, I have a childhood heritage of “B’s” because I then lived in Belfast, before moving to Bath and finishing my school days in Bristol. After that I studied medicine in London. Perhaps my proudest moment was when I was part of the official delegation which went to Oslo in December 1985 to receive the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. Nowadays I'm semi-retired from medicine and am loving having the time to work with Sabrina on theflairshare 


Meet the rest of the team

Liv Warden: creative associate

Liv Warden: creative associate


Hi - I'm Liv. I grew up in Stansted, close enough to have a taste of the bright lights of London and often enough to feed my fascination with this city and its people.

My mother used to open a theatre programme and get me to pick a play at random, without any knowledge of it, and we would book tickets. Despite being the daughter of a master Mariner and Childcare Practitioner, theatre and the arts was always a centre point of family life. This includes forcing them to watch my 'plays' as an enthusiastic but possibly slightly annoying 8 year old!

Having trained as an actor and playwright, I have always been immersed in the creative world and when Sabrina and Paul came to me with the idea of theflairshare I was fascinated by the concept.

I always felt frustrated at the disconnect I felt with both the audience and performer and this gave everyone the opportunity to come together in what can be a lonely and hostile city. I love going to every event... and the delicious food has nothing to do with it. Maybe...